Best practices and tutorials

A) Best Practices for Successful Conference Calling

Before the Call:

  • Advise your participants of the date and time of the call well in advance. If you are expecting participants located outside of the US and Canada, contact your support team ( to obtain your list of International numbers.
  • Communicate any items that need to be prepared before the call.
  • Set an agenda for the call to keep your meeting focused and on track.
  • If possible, send the agenda to invited participants prior to the call.
  • Make sure you are in a quiet location where you are not likely to be disturbed.
  • Turn off call waiting, pagers or cell phones.

Starting the Call:

  • Be on time or early.
  • Avoid dialling in using your phone’s “hands-free” feature: this can cause an echo to the bridge, leading to an error message when you enter your conference codes (if using a conference phone, place it on “mute” while you dial in). Once connected, you may use your “hands-free” feature.
  • Introduce yourself when you speak and encourage others to do the same.
  • Conduct a roll call so you know who is on the conference call.
  • Briefly state the agenda.
  • Do not put your phone on hold. This will feed hold music into the conference and prevent others from continuing the meeting. Should this problem occur during your call, dial *0 for operator assistance: the problematic line will be disconnected so that you may continue with your conference.

During the Call:

  • Ask for feedback from specific participants instead of the entire group.
  • Table any discussions that are not relevant to the agenda for a later time and place.
  • Try to involve all participants in the discussion.
  • Promptly deal with any noises or distractions. Remember that you can dial *0 at any time during the call for operator assistance.
  • Summarize the issues discussed and recap any action items resulting from the call.
  • Establish the day and time for the next conference call.

B) Open an Account

If you wish to open an account with Dialogue Conferencing, a few minutes are all it takes!

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C) Technical Ticket

The quality of our services is of the utmost importance to us. Si you experienced issues during a conference call, it is important to open a technical ticket as soon as possible (within 24h hours of the issue) to allow us to follow up. Please click on the link below to fill out the form and submit it to

Submit a technical ticket

D) mybys User Guide

Click here to download the mybys User Guide.