Use for:

HR Interviews

Remote court appearance

Dialogue makes your video meetings as simple and effective as holding an in-house meeting.


Video as a Service (VaaS)

We provide you with web-based meeting room software and setup for all of your videoconferencing. Our connected services are available on all of your devices - desktop, laptop or mobile – without user limits.

Private Cloud

We provide a private virtual space tailored for your organization. This secure, dedicated network facilitates communications – both locally or between offices,  with minimal effort on your side. they can be deployed On-Premise where you manage the equipment and have full control over your safety and security, or they can involve a Hybrid deployment where we manage equipment that complements the systems you have onsite.

Live & On-demand

 Event Hosting


We host your online events on our servers, while making all of the back-end arrangements. Our solutions complement your existing video equipment and can be configured for a single live or on-demand event, or for recurring events.

Remote Monitoring & Management Support

We monitor and manage your video communications network remotely, leaving you free to focus on your business. All software or hardware issues and upgrades happen under the supervision of our specialized technicians


Our consultations range from equipment recommendations to suggestions for a complete integration design. We perform site evaluations to better understand your needs, from hardware to automation to site layoutd on your needs. Depending on the project, we’ll provide you with a list of equipment, schematics, budget assessments and suggestions for a complete integration into your network and infrastructure.

Project Management

We assign project managers as points-of-contact for the entire development and implementation of a project. They manage the project lifecycle, resources, budget, schedule coordination and any issues that arise.


Our technicians install your equipment and infrastructure, verify and test system functionality and give your staff basic training.


Our specialists can program and implement an automated system for any room to give you easy access to functions like light dimming, turning on projectors and displaying presentations. can verify any installed system to make sure it fits your requirements and is functioning perfectly, whether it’s a new project or an existing installation.


We give your end users the training necessary to start, plan and customize settings for their videoconferences without an administrator.


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Use for:

HR Interviews

Remote court appearance

Features available for Dialogue Video

Dialogue Managed Video Service:

The Managed Video Service provides fully operator-managed videoconferencing solutions for your large scale and high-profile calls. When it is crucial for your meetings to have the direct attention and full management from one of our video conferencing specialists then this is the choice for you. Dialogue prepares all aspects of your meeting starting at the point of reservation, the execution of your call to end line reporting.