When you partner with Dialogue you become part of a larger extended team that is committed to helping your business grow.

Dialogue offers three partner opportuinities, each combining exceptional support, remuneration and flexibility to adapt to your specific needs and goals. 


 With the flexibility to white label, direct bill and support in a manner that reflects your corporate brand your clients would never know that you aren’t using your own facility to deliver services.

Buy Rate Agent

 With the most aggressive buy rates in the industry and a strong sales team to help you and your clients through the process adding Dialogue’s collaboration services to your revenue and client base is as simple as it is profitable.

Referral Agent

 If your preference is to simply make a quick referral but not get involved in the sales process, we have our referral agent plan which pays you commissions for simply providing us a lead.Flexible with additional options

 Customize any of the three partner levels with Customer and System Touch Points. Customer Touch Points, provided by Dialogue Conferencing, can be branded based on your preference for partner-branded, Dialogue-branded, customer-specific branded or a combination:

• Sales support
• Sales operations
• Reservations (in main countries)
• Customer service
• Marketing
• Bridge messaging
• Confirmation email
• Consoles (web, iPortal)
• Customer Invoice

Dialogue Benefits

Put the power of Dialogue Conferencing’s market leading services behind your Conferencing program. From service delivery to billing, to customer and sales support, Dialogue offers solid, flexible options that will ensure a fast start with minimal to no system integration.

All of our services can be delivered to you reflect ing your corporate brand. By leveraging our powerful service offerings and sales experience, Dialogue will ensure the maximum take rate within your client base at maximum margins.

Flexible Branding

Dialogue can deliver any service offering in a manner that reflects your corporate brand. Your clients would never know that you are not using your own facilities to deliver the service. All online service offerings can use your public website as an entry portal.

Dialogue’s Service Portfolio

All services offered by Dialogue Conferencing can be offered to your clients through the Dialogue Wholesale Conferencing Program. As an innovative Conferencing market leader, you will have full access to all new services as they are developed by Dialogue.

Billing Integration

Our sophisticated billing systems enable us to provide you with electronic Call Detail Records in a format that plugs in to your existing billing platform for the simplest billing integration in the industry.

We can enable you to report all call details on your existing billing format or we can deliver summary reporting coupled with a Web-based Online Reporting Module. Like all of our services, this can reflect your branding. 

Account Provisioning

Dialogue will provide you with a secure, password protected administrative website to add and manage your accounts. This simple application will allow you to administer your client base in real-time, easily adding new accounts, modifying existing accounts and setting the retail rates on a per client basis. 

Along with the administrative site for account provisioning, Dialogue will train all personnel required on your end. Further to the training, we provide you with a dedicated line into our support team to help your people whenever they need it.

Customers are provisioned in Dialogue’s system, so there is no need to provision them separately in your system unless you choose to.

Customer Service

Through your Online Real-Time Administration site, your customer service agents will be able to fulfill all conferencing Customer Service requests. Dialogue can fulfill this aspect of the service on your behalf if you wish.

Sales Support/Customer Acquisition

Dialogue will support your sales efforts in the following ways:


We will provide extensive conferencing sales training to your team. We will provide detailed analysis of the industry, the competition, vertical markets and opportunity recognition.


Dialogue will consult one on one with your sales personnel on specific opportunities as they arise. This can include anything from pre-sales strategy sessions to joint sales calls with Dialogue acting as your organization’s in-house conferencing expert.

User Packages

Our systems automatically identify all new Conferencing Moderators, generate a Welcome Package and mail it out on your behalf. Distribution of this information is essential in maximizing user acceptance and conferencing usage.

Branded to your specifications, the packages consist of the following:

•A plastic wallet card (includes dial-in information for the user)

•A user guide for the Teleconferencing service

•A user guide for the Web conferencing service

•A welcome letter from Client Services