Web Collaboration Per Minute

Simple to use, cost effective; Unified Meeting is the preferred tool for hosting occasional webinars

Unified Meeting lets you quickly and easily bring people together—from anywhere in the world—so they can see what you want to show them, hear what you have to say and interact in order to learn, collaborate and make decisions. You get audio, web and video conferencing in a single, proprietary system that integrates with everyday business tools, like calendaring systems and instant messaging clients, so starting and joining meetings is done just with a click of the mouse. The best part is that all of this comes as a service that is managed for you.

Reliable and secure, Unified Meetings allows you to present PowerPoint® slides, share applications, quiz and survey participants and show web sites—all with the same impact and results as in-person meetings. So you meet more productively and more often without the time and expense of travel.

Use Unified Meeting for:

Sales presentations

Training and e-learning programs

Marketing seminars

Product launches

Departmental meetings

Company announcements

Collaboration and project management

For more information, click to view a Unified Meeting Overview and User Guide.