Dialogue Plus

Dialogue Plus is a conference call service with operator assistance

The logistics of having a large meeting are as critical to its success as the meeting objectives and the agenda. When you are planning any large meeting, you need the reassurance that it will run flawlessly.

Dialogue Plus is recommended for larger conference calls requiring the very best in Operator assisted services. With Dialogue Plus you benefit from both Dial-in and Dial-out conferencing depending on your specific needs.

Dial-in Call
Participants dial in to your conference call using a pre-assigned telephone number. This allows participants the flexibility of joining the event at their convenience. When dialing into a call, a bilingual operator will ask for participant's name, company name or any specific information you require.

Dial-out Call
Our Operators dial out to each participant prior to the call. Once connected, the operator places each participant into the conference. When you are ready to begin your call, the operator will leave you in privacy yet remains available and can be reached if you dial *0.

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Features available for Dialogue Plus