Dialogue Equipment

The solution you need for all your business telecommunications

Your conference room phone is one of your most valuable assets to help you collaborate with others. And regard- less of the size of your conference room, calls are productive and efficient when participants on all points of the call can hear clear, crisp voice quality - even during simultaneous conversations. With Polycom's patented Acoustic Clarity Technology, your conversations flow naturally and get everyone talking.

From the desktop to large, integrated auditorium systems, from analog to digital to IP networks with multiple protocols, from wired to wireless, Polycom has the right voice solution to enhance any business communication need. And now you have the option to share content right from your Polycom conference phone, making your calls more efficient.

Polycom makes the world's most popular conference phones, with nearly 2 million in use today. There are Polycom phones available to fit every need, from desktops and small offices to large conference rooms. Explore our lineup of conference room, desktop, and wireless solutions.

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