Dialogue Direct

Dialogue Direct is a reservationless conference call service

Dialogue Direct is a reservationless conference call service that provides the host with the flexibility to initiate conference calls as they are required. Having this flexibility is made possible with the use of a unique passcode and dial-in number, providing unlimited access to the conference bridge 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Dialogue Direct allows users to conduct their conference call by simply dialing the pre-assigned telephone number and entering the assigned passcode on the keypad. To begin a teleconference, all participants dial into the bridge using the number provided and follow the instructions as directed by the automated entry system.

Star (*) touch features allow moderators and participants to manage the call and obtain operator assistance if needed. Over 65 international toll-free numbers are also provided to allow your moderators and participants to join calls even while travelling overseas.

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Features available for Dialogue Direct